Friday, 22 April 2011

Beacon Creations Soap

I am a floral lover. Always have been, and probably will always be one.

Most bath items that I've bought (and love) are floral scented simply because I love flowers and nature. I'm what they would call a tree-hugger lol. Flowers make me happy with the way they seem to be smiling and how their colours seem to jump out at me, it's like being surrounded by goodness and all things bright and happy. I sound like I'm on crack rofl!

A little while ago a friend of mine on YT recommended me to a soap company called Beacon Creations that makes cold process soaps. I have heard of this company but because the focus was more on bakery scented soaps I was reluctant to buy for a long time. I love bakery scents but I like them in food rather than to smell of them, and so I debated repeatedly with myself whether I should just take the plunge and buy some soaps from Kia (which is the owner's name btw).

The top recommendations were Cider Barrel Soap and Oatmeal Milk & Honey (OMH) Soap. My friend like many others raved about these and especially Cider Barrel for a good while now. But then again my friend likes bakery scents like Blueberry Muffin whereas I'm into the fresh florals / clean scents so I was skeptical. What made me decide to take the plunge was because I was on the hunt for a good Oatmeal bar because Oatmeal is apparently very gentle and good for the skin. I wanted something that was scented nicely but yet gentle enough for my skin during hives season. I have bought tons of Oatmeal scented soaps but never did manage to find one that has completely blown me away yet... until I met Kia's OMH.

Right from the moment I picked up Beacon Creations' OMH, I was sold. Here is a bar that smells of all the goodness of oatmeal without the common oat scent that most soaps have, coupled with a slight floral intertwined with a dash of smooth honey and just a splash of milk. From the moment I inhaled, I knew that my search for the perfect OMH is over. I have found it.

Then there's Cider Barrel. Where do I begin? This soap brings me to my favourite alcoholic drink, which is the Swedish Apple Cider. The sweet aroma of warm apple cider and a tinge of spice makes the scent out of this world. This is one of the few soaps that drives me INSANE. I just want to bite into it. And it's just soap LOL There is a right balance between apple cider and spice which many soaps do not have.

And if these scent descriptions aren't enough to entice you, well there's more. Kia's soaps are one of the best in terms of lather. Expect rich, foamy and soft lather that is similar to your whipped cream from a hot cup of mocha. They lather in hot or cold water and requires almost no effort. Scent lasts for more than half hour on my skin and it is so moisturizing that I don't really need to apply lotion afterwards.

OMH (left) & Cider Barrel Soap

There are many scents that Beacon Creations have that are simply fantastic. Floral lovers should check out Geisha, which is reminiscent of a Cherry Blossom with feminine sweet notes yet non overpowering. Fresh clean scents include (but not limited to) Aoibheals Kiss and Haleakala Sunrise. Bakery lovers should not miss Cider Barrel, OMH, #9 Memory Lane, Brown Fig & Sugar as well as Honeybee Harvest.

Geisha Soap
Aoibheals Kiss Soap

So if you have not tried out these oaps, you are missing out. Really. Kia's soaps are now on my list of staples that I will always have with me in my home. Soaps are a good size bar that lasts for a good amount of time, lathers obscenely well and smells incredible. Design wise the swirls are amazing and in my opinion they cannot be regarded as soap, but rather an art piece. Packaging is immaculate and neat, and the labels have a soft romantic look, which sets me in a relaxing mood right from the beginning. What more can you ask for in a soap??

Commercial soaps just do not compare really.


  1. Very nice post!! I love Kia's things - and she is such a sweetheart!!


  2. Thank you so much for reading my post Mary :) It's so much easier to write than to make a video, too many things I want to rave about and not enough time for a video...

  3. I've discovered your youtube videos just recently and that lead me here to your blog. I find both your videos and blog entries to be very informative to the point that I made my first Beacon Creations order (and got some OMH! soap) :) Thank you so much I am in love. Hopefully soon I will be writing my own review on my blog about my experience with Kia, is it okay if I reference your blog and youtube videos?

  4. Thank you so much for asking! You totally made my day :D
    Please go ahead to reference on your blog and I'm very happy to hear that you found a new love! I just cannot rave enough about Kia's soaps. Such a talented soapmaker really.
    Is it alright if I returned the favour with a mention of your blog too please? :)

  5. I've been watching Kia's latest youtube videos and I want to buy all her new soaps when she gets her shop back up.
    Oh thank you, yes, mention my blog please.
    If you wouldn't mind, I have more soap questions for you, is it convenient to you for me to continue to leave comments/questions in your comment section here?

  6. How much does a loaf of cider barrel cost? Enjoyed your post