Saturday, 7 May 2011

Ariel's Secret Garden

For those of you who are in love with soaps that contain goat's milk, you will LOVE Ariel's Secret Garden.

I found Sherri (Soapmaker) on YouTube because she was posting tons of soaping videos showing how she cuts them, the designs and the new soaps that will be listed in her shop. After watching enough videos, I contacted Sherri and asked if she would ship internationally but to my disappointment, she refused. Bummer.

2 months later, I tried again. And still no success. Bummer bummer LOL.

3 months later, I tried for the final time. And I told myself that this would be the absolute final time that I would ask Sherri because there's only so many times a customer can get rejected right? ;) And then the unbelievable happened - SUCCESS. Whoo hoo!!

I still recall my first purchase - Sweet Talker, Lemon Biscotti Pie and Celtic Whispers soap bars. Because I was a youtube subscriber of her channel, she added in some freebies for me. Till this day I remember my first impression when I picked up the soaps. It was so creamy and rich to the touch, that I was thinking 'this ought to be good for my skin'... And then, the scents hit my nose, and I was totally blown away by it!!

Lemon Biscotti Pie smells of a cookie/pie infused with notes of marshmallow and a splash of lemon. I can almost see Sherri 'baking' this soap in her kitchen, and ever since whenever I smell this scent, my mouth starts to water. It is THAT realistic. No other shower gels / commercial soaps have EVER had such a realistic effect to it. Only FOOD does.

Sweet Talker was a scent that took me a while to love. It smelled somewhat masculine upon first inspection, and kinda heavy. But the scent blooms so beautifully in the shower, and the longer you keep this soap, the BETTER it smells.

Celtic Whispers was right up my alley. Green & fresh with a slight musk and an ozone note infused into it. I loved it at first whiff :)

In the shower, Ariel's Secret Garden soaps exceeded my expectations. I had tried out many different soaps from different sellers and so my expectations were along those lines. However, Sherri's soaps soon broke all the other standards set by my previous purchases and would emerge as the new standard which I would be setting all my future expectations against. The richness of a goat's milk soap is unrivaled by any other. It was so creamy to my skin and the scent staying power was incredible (Sherri's soaps are scented strongly), but yet it was so gentle for my skin that it was IMPOSSIBLE not to love her soaps!!

Immediately I knew that I had found my new love and I went back to purchase more from Sherri. This was in August 2010. Since then, I am still buying from Sherri and I still enjoy her soaps tremendously. The designs are very creative and pretty, the choice of colours ALWAYS vibrant and eye catching, but most importantly, the customer service received from Sherri was always TOP NOTCH. Fast response to queries, extra goodies and utterly courteous. The turnaround time is slightly longer than others, but that's because her business has grown enormously and she now has to fulfill alot of orders every single day.

Despite this, it is well worth the wait. Because each time you open her box, it will be Christmas all over again, and you'd know that you've been a good kid, because all the goodies before your eyes are just breathtaking.

Lavender Citrus Medley Soap
Lemon Biscotti Pie Soap

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