Monday, 11 April 2011

Bare Bumm Bath Soaps

Although Bare Bumm Bath soaps are not the first ones I've tried out on Etsy, they are for certain the first ones that became my top favourites very quickly, and I am equally fond of them as I was since the first time I've used the soaps.

Dianne's (soap maker) soaps are easily one of the best ones I've tried so far, and her customer service is excellent, making it so easy to head back to her shop for return purchases. She responds fast to questions and is more than willing to help me out in terms of checking on shipping by exploring other postage options that might be possible for shipping internationally. She is one of the easiest soapmakers to communicate with on Etsy, and buying from her is always a very pleasant experience.

What I like about Bare Bumm Bath's Soaps:

  • Colours : Soaps are always colourful and pretty. They are simple looking bars with an old-fashioned look but at the same time the vivid colours make them look so pretty.
  • Texture : They feel somewhat soft to the touch and are easy to cut with a knife. The creaminess of the soap can be felt from the moment the knife sinks in.
  • Lather : They lather so beautifully without effort in hot or cold water. The foam is rich and thick sorta like rich whipped cream.
  • Scent : Dianne's got alot of seriously outstanding scents! I have tried so many scents and almost every single one was a hit with me. They are so pleasing to the nose and it's so easy to love them!

Her Etsy shop can be found at :

Favourite scents of mine include Magnolias in Bloom, Acai Berries & Satin, Angelic, Pleasures Delight and Enchanted Apple.

The soaps are pretty strongly scented but they do not linger for long on my skin, which can be good and bad actually, depending on what you like. I find myself being able to use alternate fragrances after my showers without worrying about scent clashes. And if I want to "layer" the scent, I can always use Dianne's body butter and body splash so that the scent lasts longer. I love having options! :)

Pebbles Soap

Acai Berries and Satin
Acai Berries & Satin Soap


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