Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blogging about Soap??!!

Yeah I know... seems really lame to be blogging about soaps really but I figured it's for people who are interested to know more about handmade soaps from a customer's point of view especially those who are completely new to this and may want to know more but don't really have the time or inclination to research on where to buy, what to buy etc. After all when I first started I was faced with so many choices and frankly it got quite crazy because everything looked so good but I couldn't possibly buy everything could I?

That being said, what's being posted is gonna be purely my own opinion and based on my own buying experience. I am not a professional soap critic and I am not a soapmaker either, so what I'm writing is based on a customer's point of view. I may not get the terminology or processes 100% right, and that's because I'm blogging from a buyer, not a soapmaker and how I feel about the item right down to the overall buying process.

I also have a YouTube channel under the same name - Snowblume. From there you can see my purchases on video which some may prefer because you might get a better idea of the soaps than just static photos. On my channel you can also see the soapmakers that I buy from and their channels as well as other soap reviewers who are also not professional soap critics but are basically nice ladies who share the same love for soaps and scents as I do.

Occasionally I will also write about other matters not related to soap, depending on the mood or subject. It can also be beauty or bath related and again these will be my two cents worth, not to be taken as a FACT. However, this is not a personal blog about myself, so I will not be posting much (if any at all) that is related to my everyday life, so the general focus will be on soap, bath and beauty items.

Unfortunately it is not possible for me to post only good things all the time, because it's not possible for every purchase that I make to be 100% perfect. So if there is something that I'm not crazy about, I will write it but it is not to be taken as a personal attack on the company/product, but rather it is my opinion so what works / does not work for me might not be the same for you as we all have different skin types / noses right? I'm gonna keep things simple and blog, for those who want to find out more and also for myself because I actually enjoy writing more than making videos and talking.

I hope you all find this enjoyable reading in time to come :)

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