Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Honey Bee Line from SCENTSational Soaps

Being blessed with pimples and acne since high school meant that I had to constantly search for products that could solve my skin woes. I spent alot of money on products that didn't work, and soon after started seeing dermatologists in hopes of curing my acne problem that was clearly making my life miserable. It was only when I was much older than did my skin starting clearing up, but the continued use of bath products that were purchased at drugstores or inappropriate products resulted in having breakouts on my chest and back areas.

Last December I came across several videos on YouTube that featured a soap company called SCENTsational Soaps. Right from the start Sarah's (owner & soapmaker) Propolis & Honey soaps from her Honey Bee Line caught my attention. There are not many handmade soaps out there that contain Propolis or having Honey as the predominant if not main ingredient. The benefits of Propolis and Honey are often advertised in many beauty products but I have not come across one that seemed to be truly natural and organic.

Propolis Soap 
Honey Soap

Both soaps are deemed ideal for skin conditions such as eczema, acne, wounds, itch and many more skin conditions. I decided to take the plunge and try out both soaps hoping that it would at least help to control my breakouts on my chest and back areas. 

It cleared my skin within 1 week. 

In all fairness, I will not deny that both soaps are very strongly scented and it smells more of a herbal soap than the usual fragrance oil soaps that I've been used to. At the beginning I was not thrilled at all with the medicinal scent because I lean towards fragrances instead. In time, I grew to love the scent as it transformed into a scent that was soothing and represented goodness for my skin. Regardless, there are some BIG points about these soaps that soon made me feel that they ought to be a household staple. 

Quality: Smooth to the touch and pumped full of essential oils and real Honey and Propolis.

Lather: Rich foam that is similar to whipped cream on top of a Frappaccino. 

Moisturizing: Great balance. It is suitable for BOTH dry & oily skin.

Design: Neat edges and with a realistic Honeycomb effect embedded on top.

Feel on skin: Had a cooling effect on the skin after shower. Perfect for summers. 

Benefits: Cleared my chest and back acne. Skin felt smooth, balanced and clean. 

The Honey soap had tiny seeds within that provided a gentle exfoliating effect. I'm not entirely fond of the seeds because it felt scratchy as the soap bar wore down from use. However, the soap itself is fantastic. Definitely worth purchasing!

After my success with both soaps, I decided to purchase more Propolis soap for my cousin who suffers from eczema. She loves the soap. To date, it is the ONLY soap that does not bite her wounds when she showers. That's saying alot considering that she has tried so many soaps / cream baths recommended by skin specialists to no avail. Within 2 weeks the open wounds had healed with a whitish-looking scab covering it. And 3 weeks later, the wound was completely healed. Feedback received was that Propolis soap minimized her scratching tendencies at night. 

I'm not saying that Propolis soap is a definite cure for eczema. That would be unrealistic and inaccurate. What I'm saying is that it is an excellent soap that does not irritate the skin and people with eczema like my cousin are able to use it. What I'm also saying is that this soap is great for itch reduction, which means that the skin has a higher chance of healing since the wounds are not constantly reopened from scratching. 

To date it has been 6 months since I've started using Propolis soap and so far, my skin is loving it. Breakouts are almost non-existent or controlled. It feels good!

So take a chance, buy some Propolis soap or any of Sarah's Honey Bee Line soaps. Your skin will thank you for it :D

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