Friday, 20 May 2011

Future Primitive Bath & Body Dispensary

There are soaps, and then there are Future Primitive Soaps made by Tiggy.

These are some of the most original and creative cold processed soaps I've ever had the pleasure of using really. Rich creamy and thick white foam greets me in either hot or cold water without fail. Tiggy's soaps are truly a necessity for every household.

Located in the UK, Tiggy draws inspiration from the natural surroundings to make the wonderful soaps that clearly contain a bit of nature in every piece. Most of them contain essential oils instead of fragrance oils, while every single one is vegan and handmade with plenty of passion and painstaking effort.

Because most of the soaps are made with essential oils, they are not going to be your typical fragrances that can be found in the majority of the handmade soaps out there. It isn't something that you can categorize simply as floral, fruity or bakery but instead, each piece is so differently unique that it seems rather unfair to merely slot them into these categories when they are clearly much, much more than that.

Take for instance the infamous Herbaceous soap. This is such an unbelievably magnificent soap that is clearly inspired by nature. This soap showcases Spring in Action - with the soil, pebbles, sunlight, green shoots and petals all encased in a soap! It is breathtaking really. Scent notes include thyme, rosemary, lavender & marjoram with a splash of lemon. Incidentally, this is one of the soaps that I feel is essential for every household because it is so soothing for one's senses especially when feeling unwell. This is also the soap that I literally run for whenever I am down with flu or fever.

Herbaceous Soap

Another highly recommended soap is The White Witch. This is the very first soap that Tiggy made and till this day it remains her best seller. Scent description reads black Indonesian Patchouli, balanced with the prettiest floral Bourbon Geranium. This is a non-intrusive scent that is sure to go well with most people and I cannot imagine anybody not liking this because it's just one of those types that you can use any day at any time. A off-white coloured soap with a black stripe running through the top just gives the impression of simple white elegance. Sometimes less is really more.

White Witch Soap

And then there is the body whip. This is a body butter that glides on like frosting but sinks in almost instantly into your skin without leaving it greasy. It is excellent for dry skin but even for oily skin it is beautiful to use. My skin felt smooth, soft and had almost a powdery feel to it so it is suitable for humid and hot climates too. Rarely have I used a body butter that does not leave that greasy feel that can be quite unpleasant in tropical climates.

Body Whip
Body Whip

 So there you have it, my impression and an unbiased review of Future Primitive soaps. So if you are looking for a soap that's highly original in design, nature inspired, vegan and pumped full of essential oil goodness, look no further. Did I mention customer service is outstanding too?? ;)

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  1. I just recently got my first order of Tiggy's soaps and love them. I have Temple Ball in my shower, and also ordered bars of 7 Sins and Rook & Raven. Can't wait to try them!

    Love FuturePrimitive!