Monday, 12 September 2011

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I last blogged because so many things have happened. Went on two trips; both my dog and I got sick; and now a mini re-painting project of the house by myself. Between making YT videos and replying comments as well as personal messages, I just have no time to blog :( Sorry everyone...!

Naturally during this period even though I did not blog, it doesn't mean that I ceased my shopping on soap lol! That'll never happen I assure you all :P

Of late I've bought from several other companies but there is a particular one that I really wish to highlight. This soapmaker has been making soaps for more than 10 years and is one of the nicest soapmakers I've ever had the pleasure of purchasing from. Her name is Kimberley and the company's name is My Nature's Art.

During my recent purchase from Kim (which incidentally is my second time doing so), I decided to buy more of her fabulous foaming sugar scrubs (as presents to my aunts) as well as try out her latest Fall Collection. Many soapers have developed a theme for Fall/Halloween and created stunning soaps centered around the theme. Kim's theme for this year is inspired from HBO's series True Blood, Harry Potter and a range called Dark Dreams.

My Nature's Art Foaming Sugar Scrub

Kim's scrubs are one of the best out there. The best part of buying her scrubs is that I am able to customize how thick I want the consistency to be; how well it foams and the scent strength. My personal preference is one that foams well and has gentle scrubbing abilities. These are not harsh on the skin and provides a soothing massage for the skin too. I love scrubs that do not leave me red all over; strip my skin squeaky clean; or leaves a greasy layer after washing it off.

Chai Tea is a soothing scent that encompasses notes of warm tea and slight spice, topped with a tinge of citrus in the background, almost like that of a grapefruit. Overall it is one that I feel works for both warmer and colder months.

Goddess Dancing is another scent which is outstanding. Green apples and citrus with notes of berries fill your nostrils when you pop the jar, after which a sweet candy-like scent emerges...making this scent utterly wonderful! It is one of those happy, cheerful scents.

Kim's scrubs come in two sizes - 4oz or 8oz. There is also an option to purchase 3 (4oz) for $19.99, which is a pretty good deal considering the quality of the product. Her scrubs are colourful, with pretty sugar crystals sprinkled on top to complete the look. Overall, it really is a bath product that should not be missed!

My Nature's Art website:
Kim's YouTube Channel:

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