Friday, 30 September 2011

Another Hit-and-Run!

7.30am (GMT+8; EST 7.30pm).

So here I am again, sitting at my table prepping myself for the Haunt Beguiling Bath & Body online store to open its doors at 8pm EST. Apparently this store's shopping experience is very similar to Moona Lisa's, so needless to say it's gonna be another hectic half hour.

Similarly, there was a preview before the official sale but Erin was unable to set up the preview on time because of technical difficulties. So by the time the preview was on, it was in the wee mornings for me... think 4am THAT sort of time.

8.15am. Site was still under maintenance. Hmmph.
8.25am. No products despite refreshing page countless times. Best get some coffee.
8.36am. 3 products that I wanted were all gone. Sigh.

Not complaining though, it was my own ruddy fault that I stepped away. But I didn't want to sit at the com refreshing my page when the store was already late in opening its doors and didn't give any sign that it was gonna be delayed much longer. Lesson learnt. Incidentally, announcements are posted on Haunt's blog, and there isn't a Facebook page from what I know.

The inventory comprised of 3 pages, most of it were lip balms aka. Lusts and body polishes. There were some soaps which were sold out quickly, and only 1 listing of whipped butter comprising of only 3 scents. I didn't manage to get a SINGLE pot. It was gone in a matter of seconds. Erin had mentioned that the store was to remain opened until Sat midnight EST. However, I really don't see how that's gonna happen unless she restocks. Most of the items will be gone within 2-3 hours tops.

There was no availability bar listed for each item, so you have no clue whether you have any chance at all in getting your hands on this item so it's purely based on luck. Another hit-and-run session for me... frankly I'm getting a little tired of shopping experiences like these even though it's only my 2nd time. I like to be able to take my time to read the stuff and buy things that I actually want, rather than adding products into my cart because NOTHING else is available. It's like buying for the sake of buying isn't it?

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