Tuesday, 29 November 2011

There's a new love in town.

I don't quite know how to start this blog entry, because I have an entire swarm of words and thoughts buzzing in my head currently and it feels like everything is trying to squeeze out all at once...

Hmmm. Maybe we can start with Love.

I have found a new love in my life. And I find myself thinking about it, wanting to be close to it every single day and above all scheming of ways to get more of it. Every night I go to bed with it, and the first thing that I see when I awake is my 'love' right beside me in the mornings. It comforts me, soothes me and best of all, induces endorphins (at least that's how I feel lol)... what more can a girl ask for? ;)

Do I kiss and tell? Oh for sure... it's Moonalisa's Lavender Chocolate cocoa creme.

From my previous blog entry a while back I had made a purchase from Moonalisa after my curiosity got the better of me. And ever since receiving my items about 1.5 weeks back, I've been using her items exclusively every single day. Lavender Chocolate is my current must-have scent now, and it is one of the best (if not the best) bakery scent out there that I've ever had the joy of coming across. It is so realistic that I can envision myself eating the soap and digging a spoon into the creamy, silky and oh-so-whipped texture that is the cocoa creme.

The texture of the cocoa creme is unrivaled by any other. It has that milky, melted ice-cream consistency that just makes you want to slather it all over your body from the first time you pop open the jar. Beautifully scented, and yet without the greasy feel that most body creams or body butters are prone to. It sinks in beautifully into my skin and the scent staying power is approximate to 3 hours and possibly more although by then I'm usually fast asleep so it's difficult to pin-point a specific duration.

Along with the body creme I had managed to get my hands on a couple of Moona's soaps. Now I've had the pleasure of trying from many wonderful soapmakers out there who have crafted soaps that are so beautiful that they are considered pieces of art instead of soap. However, there is a special category that my Lavender Chocolate and Campfire Tales soaps belong to - Masterpieces. Every now and then I meet a company that makes such wonderful and great quality products that I classify them under my House of Soap Fame. Basically companies that belong to this category make soaps that are great quality (lather, texture, creaminess, moisturizing, gentle) but are also very original in terms of design and especially scent blends. It's really something else when a soapmaker is able to blend their custom scent to such a perfection that almost everyone loves that scent. To me, that's just in an entire different league altogether because more effort and fine-tuning is often required for the scent blending process.

Lavender Chocolate is nothing short of sensational. In terms of Lavender I tend to prefer the FOs (fragrance oils) as opposed to the EOs (essential oils) because the the latter usually gives me a headache. The scent description reads: Delicious real cocoa absolute and real Lavandula Angustifolia (true English lavender) essential oil make this bar refreshing and decadent at the same time. So it was a real surprise when I found myself loving the Lavender in this blend because it's such an amazing Lavender! The first whiff will be Lavender, and almost immediately the Chocolate comes through. It's a 
rich chocolate scent with a tad of milk mixed in, and it's very realistic. 

Campfire Tales is as the name suggests - chocolate and marshmallows. The scent description reads: A smoky velvet layer of marshmallow filled toasted graham crackers, smeared with rich melted milk chocolate and a tiny dusting of ground nuts. Marshmallow is another scent that I am not fond of because my experiences with it usually meant that I would be getting heavy milk and vanilla notes, both of which do not sit well with me. The hot and very humid climate that I live in just does not make scents like these flattering at all when worn during daytime or even at night unless it's an air-conditioned room and one is absolutely not going out afterwards. Most chocolate and marshmallow scented soaps that I've come across do not possess the complex layers of scent that true chocolate has, and instead smells kinda shallow (if that's the appropriate word to use lol) and flat. Moona's Campfire Tales is the exact opposite. The rich notes of chocolate and nuts can be detected and it feels like many different notes emerge when I sniff it longer. What a wonderful way of experiencing a scent! I adore soaps that have that unique quality, where different scents emerge one after the other and it's like an orchestra of smells! :D

Of course one of the things I love most about the soaps is that they do not turn into a sludgy mess in the shower. I always test my soaps and leave a sliver to see how they dry up or how long it takes. With these goodies they stay intact and the scent strength does not fade one bit. I left it in the shower for 3 days and it was still intact even when in contact with water and the scent was still amazingly strong afterwards. 

Overall, I am beyond pleased with my purchase and will definitely be buying more from Moona. Yes the TAT (turnaround time) is longer, and the shopping experience is insane at least. BUT, think about it... for 20 minutes of your time, you get one of the best quality products out there in terms of performance, scent and aesthetics. Surely that's worth it.

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